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Site Protection and Security


VIRTUS can provide teams of experienced, trained and equipped Protection Specialists to protect and secure your assets. VIRTUS has Protection Specialist teams ready to be deploy within 24 hours or less to your facility or site. 

  • Facility Protection/Security
  • Construction Site Protection/ Security
  • Petroleum Industry And Pipeline Security
  • Energy And Power Plant Security
  • Wind Farm and Solar Farm Protection/Security
  • Storage Facility Protection/Security
  • Manufacturing/Industrial Facility Site Security
  • Transportation Depot Security
  • Corporate Facility Security
  • Bulk Chemical/Petroleum Storage Facilities Protection/Security 

During a normal busy work day, it can be difficult for your day to day employees to oversee something as vast as Protection/Security on top of their regular daily tasks. Managing potential threats and risks is a skill best left to professional Protection/Security firms, like VIRTUS.

Protect/Secure Your Construction Project Site With VIRTUS

\"\"Why does your construction project site need security services?

Ensuring your construction site is protected around the clock is vital to any project\’s success, especially large ones. After all, you likely leave equipment out that is susceptible to theft or damage and expensive materials that can’t be stored in a warehouse day after day. There’s also the threat of property damage from trespassers, as well as the threat of damage due to severe weather or other natural occurrences. Regardless of how you look at it, construction sites are vulnerable.

That is why investing in quality construction site security is so important. Our on-site protection/security services provide around the clock monitoring of your site to ensure no significant losses occur.

Construction projects require expensive heavy equipment to complete these projects. Unfortunately, it’s costly and impractical to transport most equipment from the business to the project site daily and therefore, most equipment remains onsite, vulnerable to theft or vandalism.

Construction project site theft has increased substantially in the past decade due to the increased value of equipment and building materials, like copper. Copper wiring has increased in price dramatically over the years to a current price of about $2.65 per pound. This holds true for just about any form of metal.

Construction companies must employ all measures to prevent the loss of their expensive machinery/equipment, down time and costly materials, making VIRTUS a real world solution to construction site Protection/Security.

Construction companies simply cannot continually replace machinery and equipment, due to theft or vandalism. The lost down time alone can be expensive, affecting schedules and promised completion dates. With that in mind, retaining site Protection/Security firms like VIRTUS can perhaps be the most effective measure against vandalism, theft and can potentially reduce civil liabilities.

In addition to VIRTUS Protecting/Securing your high value equipment, tools and supplies from theft, the presence of VIRTUS experienced and trained Protection Specialists will detour trespassers from potentially becoming injured around hazardous construction areas. In today’s world you could be held financially liable for any injuries sustained by intruders or trespassers at your job site. A physical presence is the only proven reliable and effective means at deterring crime/trespassers from even stepping foot on the site.

Our construction site Protection/Security services dramatically mitigate your risk by implementing a physical presence at your site.  The presence is a combination of coordinated patrol and surveillance. VIRTUS has team members on standby, allowing for a timely deployment to your location within 24 hours or less.

Protection/Security Services For Solar And Wind Farms

\"\"As the debate about the causes of global warming rages, power companies and privately owned publicly held companies are looking more and more at investing in renewable energy. With fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas being targeted as the main contributors to global warming, solar and wind farms appear to be the best alternative source. Wind and solar farms are best situated in remote locations with maximum sun light and wind farms with hundreds of massive high value wind turbines many require hundreds of square miles to operate in. The need for remote or undeveloped locations can be problematic and difficult to protect and secure. VIRTUS has boots on the ground experience, trained and equipped Protection Specialists that will not only protect your high value assets, but can be trained to quickly identify a problem or equipment issue that left unreported could result in down time, further damage and affect your bottom line. VIRTUS staff are professionals that are there to protect the client and their assets against criminal activity, trespassers, potential terrorism and or general safety issues.

Theft, terrorism and sabotage are inherent dangers to both wind and solar farms. Solar farms are already experiencing the theft of expensive solar panels and copper wiring. Theft of a wind turbine risks are low, however vandalism, terrorism, and theft of components are always threats.  Most firms depend on cameras, listening devices and even drones for much of their surveillance and site monitoring, however when it comes protecting and securing remote sites, there is no substitute for boots on the ground experienced, trained professional Protection Specialists. VIRTUS Protection/Security Specialists will react almost instantaneously to an intrusion, hazard or threat to your assets.

Petroleum And Pipeline Security

Ongoing threats against the nation’s natural gas, oil, and refined product pipelines have heightened concerns about the security risks to pipelines, their linkage to the electric power sector and the federal programs to protect them. In a December 2018 study, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) stated that since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, “new threats to the nation’s pipeline systems have evolved to include sabotage by environmental activists and intrusion by other nations.” In a 2018 Federal Register notice, the Transportation Security Administration stated that it expects pipeline will report approximately 32 “security incidents” annually. Security concerns were heightened in 2016, after environmental activists in the United States disrupted five pipelines. In 2018, the Transportation Security Administration’s Surface Security Plan, identified terrorism and improvised explosive devices as key risks to energy pipelines, “vulnerable terrorist attacks largely due to their stationary nature, the volatility of transported products and their dispersed nature.

\"\"In addition to domestic and foreign terroristic threats, the oilfield industry has no shortage of criminal elements waiting to take advantage of lax protection/security at sites. Regardless of the threat, as an employer asking your personnel to do double duty as security staff leaves you vulnerable. Additionally, general employees lack of expertise in handling potently volatile situations like terrorism or criminal activity. Their lack of experience could lead to potentially disastrous outcomes. Along with not having the background or training to handle these volatile situations, the most basic issue is that it will also affect daily production schedules and takes key personnel away from their intended role. This where a Protection/Security Firm, like VIRTUS can step in and provide expertise in securing and protecting your site. VIRTUS has the training, experience and the resources to meet all the security and protection needs in this industry.

Manufacturing And Industrial Site Security

At VIRTUS, we understand the safety challenges of your industry and we provide tailored Protection and Security services based on your facility’s needs. Operating a secure industrial plant or manufacturing facility, along with keeping employees safe can be a challenge. 

The manufacturing industry has become a major target of theft, vandalism, management-labor-related disputes, property damage, equipment and product tampering and litigation.  As products and processes continue to be developed, manufactured and distributed, an extremely proactive professional level of security planning, prevention and protection is required.

VIRTUS brings to its industrial and manufacturing clients an integrated approach to security that provides a range of services and a proven level of reliability to meet both conventional and extended security needs.

Security starts at the perimeter to prevent unauthorized entry. From detecting suspicious activity at a chemical plant or unlawful entry at an airline hangar, intrusion detection and perimeter security help proactively identify threats before they escalate.

VIRTUS is an action driven company whose professionals have created and constantly refine an approach that evolves to meet the needs of its industrial and manufacturing industry clients. Company management works closely with clients to create customized security programs that focus on proactive measures, advance planning and preparation for all risk contingencies.

  • Armed Onsite Security Specialists
  • Random Patrols
  • Dedicated Vehicle Patrol
  • Onsite Foot Patrol
  • Crisis planning and response
  • Risk management assessments
  • 24-Hour Standby Response Service

Whether your needs require one or two Protection Specialists or multi-state locations, VIRTUS has the knowledge and experience to reduce your potential losses using a customized plan to protect your assets and ensure you’re in compliance with any state or federal safety standards.

We provide security that maintains your company’s production. We ensure all facilities are safeguarded so all operations run smoothly and you have a successful operation.

Today’s threats and behaviors have called for an evolution in how we protect ourselves and loved ones. Situational awareness is now part of our everyday life. There are no second chances to get it right. Initial consultations are always free, please contact us with any questions or requests \">