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Legal Preceding’s Protection/Security

\"\"VIRTUS is often called upon to protect clients during civil and criminal legal proceedings. Emotions and stress tend to run high during legal proceedings. People with bad intentions or those deemed mentally unstable have been known to \”attack\” or \”threaten to harm\” a witness, victim or defendant. We treat all threats as credible, until deemed and confirmed otherwise. The question is, “Will they follow through with the threats?” These services are extended to a variety of clients, to include victims of domestic violence during court proceedings and relocation, witnesses testifying in court, political candidates and a variety of other situations where physical violence is aimed at a specific target.

Court Escort / Security Escort

We have Protection Specialists available to chauffeur and escort domestic violence victims to and from court. This is the best way to protect domestic violence victims who are concerned about having contact with an abuser. VIRTUS Protection Specialists escorts provides you with the comfort of knowing that you have an escort to and from home to court, who will make sure you are not followed home after court proceedings conclude. All of the aforementioned services are available to witnesses who have faced witness intimidation as well.

\"\"Whether you are truly concerned for your well-being or that of your loved ones, or just want “peace of mind,” VIRTUS can assist you. From covert, low profile remaining in the background, to visible by your side, VIRTUS is experienced and capable of protecting you, your family, your legal counsel and supporting litigation team members.


Today’s threats and behaviors have called for an evolution in how we protect ourselves and loved ones. Situational awareness is now part of our everyday life. There are no second chances to get it right. Initial consultations are always free, please contact us with any questions or requests \">