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Disaster/Emergency Response

\"\"Natural Disasters like tropical storms, hurricanes, flooding and seismic tremors (earthquakes) make security hazards for businesses and government offices. Businesses and government offices are left powerless against the plundering and viciousness of urban communities that are leveled in ruins.

VIRTUS Management staff and Protection Specialists have responded to every major disaster in the United States since 2005. VIRTUS has provided disaster and emergency response to locations in need across the continental United States.

\"\"We are a global protection and security firm specializing in securing high value assets and Personal Protection, during and after disasters of all types and sizes. VIRTUS has secured various types of organizations ranging in size from Main Street USA to Fortune 500 corporations. In some cases, VIRTUS can respond in a pre-disaster role, rather than the standard post disaster response.  We can provide levels of service ranging from small discrete teams to a para-military show of force.  VIRTUS is trained and equipped to respond to all magnitudes of disasters.  We spend a tremendous amount of time training and preparing our teams to respond to whatever devastating event, man or Mother Nature throws at them.

Our team members come from diverse backgrounds ranging from law enforcement special teams, military special operations and high threat personal protection backgrounds, just to name a few. VIRTUS takes pride in their combined 100 years of boots on the ground experience which offers you peace of mind in knowing what you value most is being protected. 

VIRTUS is not a day to day security firm; we specialize in unstable, high risk and disaster environments.  Our teams arrive with all necessary equipment to be fully self-sufficient for up to 14 days in the field.  However, we can assist you in the selection, training and policy implementation of your day to day security programs along with overt and covert testing of existing security staff and measures.  

\"\"During hurricanes Katrina and Rita, organizations experienced firsthand the devastation of having only internal personnel who could handle select situations, while others relied solely on local authorities and service providers to respond. When a disaster strikes your area, the local authorities and service providers are affected as well, leaving you vulnerable without assistance during a time when you need it the most. No matter what the conditions are, you can rely on VIRTUS to respond rapidly, professionally and effectively with an experienced team that is dedicated to protecting the welfare of you and your organization.

VIRTUS has fulfilled many roles in a post disaster environment. We’ve done everything from project management and access control to providing a secure environment for a client’s sensitive information and valuables. VIRTUS has also provided protection/security for remediation companies and contractors, so that they can focus on their tasks at hand and not their safety.  In addition, VIRTUS goes above and beyond to safeguard the integrity of all client information and property, so that all parties involved know that their interests are always protected.  VIRTUS considers it our obligation to be prepared for any situation that may arise.

A Few of The Many Services We Can Provide:

  • Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery \”DR\” Contingency Planning
  • Post Disaster Damage Assessments
  • Trusted Advice And Exhaustive Procedures That Empower Clients To Keep Away From Panic And Construct Trust In The Work Environment And The Group
  • Quick Crisis Reaction Force \”QRF\” To Protect/Secure High Value Assets, Property And Resources Promptly After An Event To Minimize Further Loss
  • Project Management And Over Site For Pre And Post Disaster Projects Managing A Workforce, Laborers, Cleaning/Decontamination And Disaster Response/Recovery Teams That Require A Strong Security Presence 



Today’s threats and behaviors have called for an evolution in how we protect ourselves and loved ones. Situational awareness is now part of our everyday life. There are no second chances to get it right. Initial consultations are always free, please contact us with any questions or requests \">