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Security Consulting, Evaluations and Testing

\"\"Threat Assessments

A threat assessment is an important tool used by VIRTUS Consultants to potentially mitigate risk to a person or place from potential violence. VIRTUS can conduct threat assessments as proactive measures towards the development of risk mitigation plans. Threat assessments can be used to identify, assess and manage potential threats. These assessments involve examining the behavior and patterns of conduct that can be used to also determine a threat level. Threat assessments can involve physical surveillance, the monitoring of social media activity, web forum posts and other activities that can be monitored through limited access online databases and other open sources. Threat assessments are an important tool to use as a contribution, not only applied to executive personal protection, but also potential work place violence, stalking and harassment cases, event security and any other security service where a threat of violence exists.

VIRTUS Can Assist In The Following Security Related Issues:

  • Negligent Security
  • Foresee-Ability
  • Premises Security Liability
  • Parking Lot and Parking Garage Security
  • Mall Security
  • Hotel/Lodging Security
  • Restaurant And Bar Security
  • Airport Security 
  • Condominium and Homeowner Association Security Issues
  • Security Systems
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Access Control 
  • Emergency Response/Procedures  
  • Guard Conduct
  • Inadequate Security
  • Residential Protection/Security 
  • Stalking And Threat Assessments
  • Residential Safe Room And Security Cores/Design, Construction And Maintenance
  • Intellectual Property (Data Protection)
  • High Value Asset-Equipment Protection/Tracking/Inventory 
  • Project Management/Over site
  • New Construction Security Consulting/Design  

No matter what your security concerns or needs are, the VIRTUS Protection/Security Consultants will conduct the necessary threat and vulnerability assessment and recommend the appropriate countermeasures to mitigate your risks.

Your company’s assets and employees are extremely valuable and key to your success. A routine Protection/Security assessment of vulnerabilities should be part of any responsible business operation. Some Protection/Security issues that are routinely overlooked can leave a business vulnerable to theft, lawsuits and even bankruptcy.

Protection/Security Analysis And Evaluations Can Include:

  • Addressing Security Liability Risks And Exposures With a Focus On The Concept Of Foresee-Ability
  • Security Management Policies And Procedures
  • Security System Integration
  • Security Staff Background And Screening Qualifications
  • Staff Hiring, Evaluations And Review
  • Evaluation Of Pre-Employment Documenting Methods
  • Review Of The Liability Risks Of Negligent Hiring

VIRTUS Protection/Security consultants will conduct an in-depth Security Assessment and Analysis of your company or organization’s physical security, security management and liability issues.

In addition, VIRTUS will maintain a high level of confidentiality and will keep your organization’s core beliefs and business model style in mind. Our focus will be on ensuring our recommendations are confidential, discrete, operationally feasible, practical and can be integrated into every aspect of your organizational environment.

This analysis will include a cost/benefit analysis to assist in effectively planning the financial resources necessary to implement any of the VIRTUS recommendations and determine the true return on the investment.

The Protection/Security Assessments Includes Detailed Information In The Following Areas:

  • Recommendations For New And/Or Enhanced Security Management Policies And Procedures
  • VIRTUS Can Assist And Support The Development And Implementation Of New Policies And Procedures
  • Available Security Training Programs
  • Physical Security Options, Providers And Security Systems Vendor Recommendations
  • Sample Post Orders, Policies And Procedures Guidelines
  • Full Assessment Of Existing Security Policy, Staffing and Protocol  

Other Protection/Security Areas To be covered:

  • Crime Statistics As It Relates To Risks, Exposures And Foresee-Ability
  • The Collection And Analysis Of Prior Crime And Security-Related Issues At Your Site, Location And Surrounding Area
  • Research And Analysis Of Crime Statistics And Security Issues In Similar Businesses And/Or Industries

Protection/Security Program Analysis And Evaluation, To Include:

  • Addressing Security Liability Risks And Exposures With a Focus On The Concept Of Foresee-Ability
  • Existing Security Management Policies and Procedures
  • Security Systems Integration
  • Security Staff Background And Qualifications
  • Hiring And Staff Administration Review
  • Evaluation Of Pre-Employment Screening And Documenting Methods
  • Review Of The liability Risks Of Negligent Hiring
  • Security Training Programs and Seminars
  • Targeting Security And Non-Security Personnel Updates Designed To Reinforce Skills And New Procedures

Existing Protection/Security Testing And Evaluation

\”Red Team Testing, Evaluation, Training and Quality Assurance Available Upon Request\”

VIRTUS can identify weaknesses in existing Protection/Security teams, programs, security departments, protective security layers, exploiting human nature infiltration and intelligence gathering. Our VIRTUS team will train, test and validate your operational susceptibility to deceit, persuasion and infiltration through Red Team operations and social engineering exploitation. 

By using highly experienced industry experts in protective services, the VIRTUS team has the insight to leverage social engineering or physically subverting your team’s ability to maintain posture and security of information.

  • Are All Your Security Guards From RST (Residential/Static) To EP (Mobile) Truly Validated?
  • How Strict Are Your Guards About Confidentiality?
  • How Is OPSEC (Operational Security) Utilized And For What?
  • Custom Delivered Training Relevant To The Guards Role
  • Nothing Can Be More Damaging Than Insider Threats Of a High Profile And Trusted Team Member/Guard
  • Can You Truly Afford To Have One Of Your Guards Go Rogue?

Quality Assurance Through Testing, Validation And Documenting

VIRTUS can provide initial or post training, as well as validate current security operations. VIRTUS will provide detailed reports with technical, detailed findings of the evaluation and testing. The report will identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities and will outline recommendations and countermeasures to mitigate the associated risks and exposures.  

Today’s threats and behaviors have called for an evolution in how we protect ourselves and loved ones. Situational awareness is now part of our everyday life. There are no second chances to get it right. Initial consultations are always free, please contact us with any questions or requests \">